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Our firm recovered $400,000 for an SGLI beneficiary whose claim was denied by the insurance company based on an alleged failure of an insured servicemember to pay premiums on his SGLI policy. Our SGLI attorneys fought relentlessly for the beneficiary’s right to receive the denied SGLI benefits.

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VGLI, or Veterans’ Group Life Insurance, is a program that allows servicemembers to maintain their life insurance coverage (SGLI) after they separate from service. The VGLI program began in 1974 under the Veterans’ Insurance Act of 1974 and has been administered by Prudential for the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Eligibility Requirements


Not all servicemembers covered by SGLI will automatically qualify for VGLI. To become eligible for VGLI, certain requirements must be met. Individuals eligible for VGLI coverage are:


  • Servicemembers who had SGLI (Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance) and were released from active duty or active duty for training under a call or order to duty that is not less than 31 days;
  • Former members of the Ready Reserves/National Guard who had SGLI and separated, retired, or released from assignment;
  • Individuals who were assigned to the IRR of a branch of service or to the Inactive National Guard (ING); Members of the United States Public Health Service Inactive Reserve Corps (IRC);
  • Members covered by part-time SGLI and who, while performing duty, suffered an injury or disability that rendered them uninsurable at standard premium rates; members who suffered an injury or disability travelling directly to and from duty.


Applying for VGLI coverage


Servicemembers must apply for VGLI within 1 year and 120 days from the date they separate from service. If servicemembers apply for VGLI within 240 days of the separation date, they do not need to provide their medical history information. After 240 days, servicemembers will need to provide health history.


VGLI Benefits


VGLI offers lifetime life insurance coverage regardless of any changes in the insured’s health. When approved for VGLI, a servicemember gets life insurance coverage for life. In the event of an insured veteran’s death, VGLI benefits are payable to the beneficiary named on the policy. The maximum amount of VGLI coverage is $400,000.


Generally, there are no exclusions in VGLI policies. However, a VGLI claim may still be denied. If your VGLI claim is denied, please call our VGLI attorney for a free consultation. Our VGLI lawyers have handled many denied and delayed VGLI claims and will be able to help you through the process of recovering a denied VGLI claim.


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