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Our firm recovered $400,000 for an SGLI beneficiary whose claim was denied by the insurance company based on an alleged failure of an insured servicemember to pay premiums on his SGLI policy. Our SGLI attorneys fought relentlessly for the beneficiary’s right to receive the denied SGLI benefits.

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The SGLI Disability Extension allows servicemembers who are totally disabled at the time of separation to extend their SGLI coverage at no cost for up to two years from the date they separate from service. SGLI Disability Extension differs from SGLI in that it is not automatic – a servicemember needs to apply for it by contacting OSGLI (The Office of Servicemembers Group Life Insurance) and filing an application with supporting documents. If granted, the extension will be available for free for up to two years. At the end of the 2-year extension, an insured can apply for VGLI (Veterans’ Group Life Insurance).


SGLI Claim Denials


There may be many reasons why an SGLI Disability Extension claim is denied. Many SGLI Disability Extension claims are denied based on eligibility issues. Generally, a servicemember must be totally disabled at the time of discharge to qualify for the SGLI Disability Extension. Total disability means that an individual is not able to work or suffers from one of the following:


  • Permanent loss of use of both hands
  • Permanent loss of use of both eyes
  • Permanent loss of use of one hand and one foot
  • Permanent loss of use of one foot and one eye
  • Permanent loss of use of one hand and one eye
  • Total loss of hearing in both ears
  • Organic loss of speech (loss of ability to express oneself by voice and whisper)


In order to qualify for the SGLI Disability Extension, disabled servicemembers need to submit many documents proving their total disability, SGLI coverage and their status at the time of discharge. All these and other requirements should be satisfied in order for a claim to be approved. If a servicemember’s medical records are not sufficient to prove his total disability, a claim will most likely be denied.


If your claim is denied, we are here to help. Our life insurance attorneys have vast experience with denied SGLI claims and SGLI Disability Extension claims and will fight for your right to receive the benefits you deserve. For more information on how we can help you collect a denied life insurance claim or a disability claim, call us at (888) 510-2212.



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