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Our firm recovered $400,000 for an SGLI beneficiary whose claim was denied by the insurance company based on an alleged failure of an insured servicemember to pay premiums on his SGLI policy. Our SGLI attorneys fought relentlessly for the beneficiary’s right to receive the denied SGLI benefits.

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For military service members and veterans, and to provide special protection for their beneficiaries, Congress created two group life insurance programs: the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) plan for active members, and the Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI) plan for veterans. Prudential Life Insurance has been the carrier for these policies since 1965. The policyholder is the VA. The insurance premiums for SGLI are collected from the service members by the United States; the premiums for VGLI are paid directly to Prudential by veterans.



SGLI Extension for Disabled Service Members


When service members leave the military, they can convert from SGLI to VGLI of equal value. To convert to VGLI, the service member must submit an application and pay the first premium within 1 year and 120 days of ending active service. If the service member is disabled at the time of deactivation, however, SGLI remains in force. Under the law, the service member is then provided with continuous SGLI coverage for two years or until the end of disability – whichever is earlier.


Disability Determination


Under the law, disability is defined as any impairment of mind or body which continuously renders it impossible for the insured to follow any substantial occupation. The criteria for disability are established by the Secretary of Veteran Affairs. The secretary is required to issue guidelines determining who is disabled. A disability determination may determine whether beneficiaries are entitled to receive SGLI policy benefits where the service member is disabled for the purposes of an SGLI payment.




If a service member was severely injured during his active service and while he was covered by SGLI, he may apply for TSGLI, the Traumatic Injury Protection Program under SGLI. TSGLI claims are paid directly to injured service members. If a service member was injured while in service, he may qualify for a payment if his injury is covered by TSGLI. You can find a list of covered injuries on our website under TSGLI. An SGLI attorney will guide you through the process of filing a TSGLI claim and recovering payments for your injuries.


How an SGLI Attorney May Help


Life insurance law is very complicated. After you suffer a traumatic injury or lose a loved one, you may not know how to begin to apply for SGLI benefits. If your SGLI or TSGLI claim has been denied in this difficult time, you may not have enough strength to fight a large insurer to recover your benefits. But you do not have to fight alone. An SGLI attorney is here to help.


If your SGLI claim has been denied, you do not have to take the insurance company’s refusal to pay as the final word. Your SGLI lawyer will explain you your rights and will appeal the denial of your SGLI claim. In order to win an appeal of a denied SGLI claim, you have to convince the insurance company, the judge or the jury that you are entitled to SGLI benefits under the law. SGLI attorneys at our firm are dedicated to helping service members’ families and dependents recover denied and delayed SGLI benefits. Call us now for a free consultation. Call 888-510-2212 to see how we can help you.


Call (888) 510-2212 for a free consultation.